Clinician Training and Supervision

Some of the people who have the most impact in our lives are our teachers. The mentors in my life have given me gifts that changed the path of my career, how I do business, and how I approach healing. Now, I am passing along this wisdom, as well as some of my own that I have picked up along the way to train other therapists. Having good training and supervision makes the difference in being a therapist and being an amazing healer.


LPC Supervision

Supervision is provided individually for persons wanting to become licensed. Rates are $120 per hour.



We provide internships to Universities in the Denver Metro Area. Internships are a year committment.


Low Cost Counseling

Our clinician internship program offers low cost counseling for everyone. These clinicians are directly supervised by Jennifer Weiler. Currently Basil Ross is providing this service. The cost is $40 per hour.