Relationship Counseling

We are hardwired to be in relationship with other people. Relationships can be the most rewarding and the most challenging thing we face in our lives. Whether you have been together for years, dating, or are in a non-traditional relationship, it can help to have a therapist build skills to identify how you can manage the challenges of intimate relationships.


Couples Therapy

Couples in healthy relationships experience better health, well being and longevity. I utilize techniques from several different models of relationships and tailor my interventions to your specific needs. I have an attachment focus and will always look for the emotional undercurrent of why you are fighting or lacking intimacy. Understanding our emotional attachment needs allow us to communicate with our partners in a loving and intimate way.


Sex Positive!

While sex and sexual issues shouldn’t be a primary focus in any relationship, sexual difficulties tend to arise, even in the healthiest of partnerships. From different sexual appetites to managing dysfunction or extra-marital affairs, having a neutral party to talk about these issues can be beneficial.



Ethical Non-Monogamy and other non-traditional forms of relationships are becoming increasingly common. Navigating the sensitive and tricky pitfalls of this lifestyle requires impeccable communication and honesty. Having a therapist who is non-judgmental and not pushing any agenda can be a tool to help you manage the challenges associated with this relationship model.