Trauma Healing

There are many ways to heal trauma. My experience has led me to incorporate several different modalities in the treatment of trauma.



EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. EMDR is effective in treating several types of trauma, whether that trauma is acute, chrnoic, or developmental. I have been doing EMDR since 2004. This method involves bilateral stimulation of the body while the client is taking through a systematic protocol. I primarily use vibration tappers.


Somatic Work

Trauma is stored on a cellular level. Our body remembers the things that have happened to us. Just talking about and telling our story is not enough to release the trauma from our bodies. Our muscles are the story tellers of our past. True healing requires us to access lower parts of our brain, not just the logical, cognitive parts. We do this by body movement and awareness.


Traditional Talk Therapy

While Body work is a cornerstone of my practice, we are still human and need to tell our story. Internal Family Systems and Cognitive therapy can be helpful in changing negative self beliefs. This part of therapy is particularly useful for putting things all together when we have done the deeper trauma work, or for people who are not yet ready to do the deeper trauma work.